Do i need towing and labor coverage if i have full coverage auto insurance?

Car insurance doesn't cover towing if you have an exclusive liability policy, but it might if you have full coverage. Many full-coverage auto insurance policies reimburse drivers for trailers that result from a collision, but they don't cover the trailer due to a mechanical problem or a breakdown. Car insurance can cover towing, although you'll usually have to request that it be included in your full coverage plan. It's not always included by default and isn't covered by limited liability plans.

If it's not included in your standard full coverage, you may be able to take out car insurance that covers the trailer with a roadside assistance supplement to your policy. Towing and labor (TL) coverages and limits vary depending on the company that offers towing and labor coverage, but it typically pays the cost of towing the car to a repair shop when it can't be driven and covers a specific amount of labor costs needed at the scene of the breakdown. If you want another repair shop that isn't within the covered limit, they'll tow you there, but you'll have to cover the extra miles yourself. Auto liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage caused by you, your family members, and others who drive your vehicle with your permission.

Your auto liability insurance policy doesn't cover company cars and other vehicles you don't own that are routinely available to you. Discounts on multiple insurance plans Some companies offer discounts on car insurance if you have a life or home insurance policy with the same company. Comprehensive insurance can cover your car's trailer if a natural disaster has left it unusable, for example, if your vehicle needs to be towed to avoid flooding. Without the trailer or labor, you'll have to personally pay for the towing costs of your vehicle if it becomes incapacitated, and you won't be covered for the road labor costs of the services listed above.

To cover towing your car when you weren't involved in an accident, you'll need roadside assistance in your policy. If you choose a high deductible, your premiums will be lower than if you choose a low deductible with the same coverage. The premium for towing coverage is usually low; however, if you're a member of an auto club, you probably already have this service and won't need to double your coverage. Likewise, your insurance probably won't be affected if you towed your car to park it where it shouldn't.

Before taking out trailer and labor coverage from your auto insurance provider, compare roadside assistance plans and standalone pricing with it to see which one best meets your needs. As an independent insurance agency, Alliance Insurance Agency can cover your coverage needs with policies from the best insurance companies in the country. You can contact your insurer and they will arrange a tow truck and a transfer to the nearest repair shop, or you call the towing company of your choice, you pay in advance and the carrier will reimburse you in the future. Full coverage usually consists of comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, which can reimburse you for damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident, bad weather, theft or vandalism.

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