Is collision and comprehensive deductible the same?

The collision deductible applies to impact losses that cause damage to your vehicle. For example, a collision with a vehicle, a hit and run, etc. The comprehensive deductible is called “Not a collision.” The damage to your vehicle was not caused by a collision. In general, both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance have deductibles.

Claims for collision or comprehensive coverage will be reduced by the amount of the deductible. Both comprehensive and collision coverage are equally important to protect your vehicle from physical damage. Now, the standard rule is that it's worth buying both comprehensive and collision coverage if the combined premium is less than 10% of the car's value, minus the deductible. Drivers who finance the purchase of their car may need to purchase both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive insurance mainly covers events beyond the driver's control or incidents that occur when a car is parked. Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance are often combined to protect a vehicle against most types of damage, as part of full-coverage car insurance. You can also get an exemption from the collision deductible as a supplement to your insurance if you want to avoid paying a deductible in the event of an accident. Even if you're not required to take out collision and comprehensive insurance, you should take out insurance if you can't afford to repair or replace your car after it's damaged.

Both comprehensive and collision coverage are optional, so you can pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle if it gets damaged, but each coverage protects against different types of damage. However, it's generally easier to have the same deductible for both coverages, so you'll always know approximately how much you would pay for repairs, regardless of the type of damage. Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance cover vehicle repair and replacement, but in different situations. While comprehensive coverage will apply if your vehicle is stolen, no type of car insurance will cover the theft of your personal items from your vehicle.

Get a quote for auto insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, or other type of vehicle and add comprehensive and collision coverage to your quote. This means that you won't need to take out the coverage offered at the rental counter, such as the collision damage exemption, unless you want to avoid potential claims on your own policy. Collision insurance is good for situations where your car is accidentally damaged, such as when you hit a pole.

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